Revolutionize Your Charging Game with the QINLIANF 5 Outlet Extender & 4 USB Ports: The Ultimate Power Solution for Home, Travel, and Office

The Ultimate Charging Solution: A Surge Protector with USB Ports and More

Imagine a world where you don't have to fight over outlets or watch your devices slowly die because there's no room to plug in a charger. Now, stop imagining and meet the versatile QINLIANF 5 Outlet Extender with 4 USB Charging Ports. This nifty gadget has the power to transform any wall outlet into a charging station for all your devices, making it the ultimate charging solution for home, travel, and office use.

Charge More, Worry Less

The QINLIANF 5 Outlet Extender features:

  1. 5 AC outlets
  2. 4 USB-A ports with a total output of 4.8A
  3. A 3-sided, 1680-Joule power strip
  4. A surge protector to safeguard your devices
  5. Space-saving design for convenience

The Specs: What Makes This Charger a Must-Have

5 AC Outlets

No more scrambling for available outlets. This powerful extender can handle up to five devices at once, making it perfect for large families or gadget enthusiasts.

4 USB-A Ports

Tired of carrying around multiple chargers for your devices? The QINLIANF 5 Outlet Extender has got you covered. With 4 USB-A ports and a total output of 4.8A, you can charge your smartphones, tablets, and other USB-powered devices with ease.

3-Sided, 1680-Joule Power Strip

This multiplug outlet is designed with a unique 3-sided power strip, allowing you to access power from any angle. Plus, the 1680-Joule surge protection keeps your devices safe from voltage fluctuations, surges, and spikes.

Surge Protection

The built-in surge protector in this wall adapter safeguards your precious electronics from damage caused by power surges. So, you can charge your devices with peace of mind, knowing they're protected.

Space-Saving Design

Bid farewell to bulky power strips and tangled cords. The QINLIANF 5 Outlet Extender boasts a compact, space-saving design that easily fits into your luggage, making it perfect for travel.

Make Life Easier with QINLIANF

Whether you're working from home, traveling, or just need more charging options, the QINLIANF 5 Outlet Extender with 4 USB Charging Ports is the ultimate solution for all your charging needs. Don't miss out on the chance to simplify your life and protect your devices. Get yours today!

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