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As an expert in digital trends and an avid gamer, I am excited to share my insights into the Genshin Impact Kokomi build. This powerful build is a must-have for players looking to dominate in the game.

First and foremost, Kokomi is a Hydro character who excels in healing and support. Her Elemental Burst skill, "Oceanic Voyage," creates a healing aura that can restore the HP of all party members, making her an essential part of any team.

To optimize Kokomi's abilities, I recommend building her with a focus on HP, Elemental Mastery, and Healing Bonus stats. This will enhance her healing capabilities and make her an unstoppable force in battle.

In terms of weapons, the "Dodoco Tales" catalyst is a fantastic choice for Kokomi. This 4-star weapon increases Elemental Mastery and grants a bonus to healing effectiveness. Pairing this weapon with a Hydro artifact set will amplify Kokomi's abilities and make her even more formidable.

Overall, the Genshin Impact Kokomi build is a game-changer that will help players conquer any challenge. Whether you're exploring the beautiful world of Teyvat or battling powerful enemies, Kokomi's healing and support abilities will be invaluable. So, get ready to dominate with this unstoppable build!

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