Top Multitool Pens for Your Holiday Stocking

Top Multitool Pens for Your Holiday Stocking

Imagine having a pen that effortlessly transforms into a tiny multitool, empowering you to tackle unexpected situations with ease. Multitool pens are the perfect addition to your everyday carry or stocking this holiday season. From tightening loose screws to prying open stubborn lids, these pens seamlessly blend functionality and convenience.

Top Picks

1. Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

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  • Specs: 5.625 inches long, 0.55 ounces, tungsten carbide glass breaker
  • Features: Precision-engineered Swiss components, multitool head with 6 tools including a knife, saw, pliers, and screwdriver
  • Benefits: Durable construction, exceptional cutting performance, wide range of practical functions

2. Fisher Space Pen X-Mark Bullet Pen

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  • Specs: 5.5 inches long, 1 ounce, pressurized ink cartridge
  • Features: Waterproof, writes in extreme temperatures, multitool cap with pry bar, bottle opener, and ruler
  • Benefits: Unstoppable writing performance, versatile utility functions, compact design

3. SOG Pentagon XR Pen

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  • Specs: 5.7 inches long, 1.3 ounces, military-grade aluminum construction
  • Features: Multitool body with 7 tools including a knife, saw, pliers, and wire cutters
  • Benefits: Rugged durability, exceptional cutting power, comprehensive toolset in a pen form

4. Olight i3T EOS Penlight

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  • Specs: 4.04 inches long, 1.4 ounces, 180 lumens brightness
  • Features: Compact pen-style design, rechargeable battery, multitool cap with bottle opener and pry bar
  • Benefits: Bright illumination, convenient size, added utility for everyday tasks

5. Nitecore TIP Multitool Pen

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  • Specs: 5.15 inches long, 1.2 ounces, anodized aluminum construction
  • Features: Multitool head with 8 tools including a knife, saw, pliers, and screwdriver
  • Benefits: Lightweight yet durable, compact design, exceptional versatility in a pocket-friendly format


Multitool pens are the ultimate stocking stuffers for anyone who values functionality, convenience, and practicality. These top picks offer exceptional quality, durability, and a range of essential tools to enhance your everyday life. Don't miss out on the opportunity to equip your loved ones or yourself with these remarkable writing instruments that can also handle unexpected challenges with ease.

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