BOGRAND Socket: Unlocking Versatile Power for Any Project

BOGRAND Socket: Unleashing Limitless Power and Versatility

Every project deserves the right tools to elevate it to greatness. Introducing the BOGRAND Socket, the ultimate power solution that empowers you with versatility and efficiency for any undertaking.

Unrivaled Compatibility

The BOGRAND Socket is meticulously designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of devices. Its adjustable prongs ensure a secure fit in various outlets, accommodating everything from appliances to power tools. Say goodbye to the frustration of incompatible sockets!

Surge Protection for Peace of Mind

Protect your valuable electronics from damaging power surges with our built-in surge protection. This added layer of safety gives you peace of mind, knowing that your devices are shielded from sudden voltage fluctuations.

Powerful Performance

Experience the unparalleled power output of the BOGRAND Socket. With a rated voltage of 125V and a maximum load of 15A, you can confidently connect power-hungry appliances without worrying about circuit overloads.


  • Adjustable prongs for universal compatibility
  • Built-in surge protection for device safety
  • Rated voltage: 125V
  • Maximum load: 15A
  • Rugged and durable construction

Enhance Your Projects with BOGRAND Socket

Elevate your next project with the BOGRAND Socket. Its exceptional versatility, reliable performance, and peace-of-mind protection make it an indispensable tool for any task.

Unlock Power, Unleash Versatility: BOGRAND Socket

Surge Protection for Safety: BOGRAND Socket

Versatile Power for Any Project: BOGRAND Socket

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